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Palm Beach Post: Rewiring WPB with Subculture Coffee

WEST PALM BEACH —At Subculture Coffee, the short story dispenser had more than 1,600 hits in its first month. Instead of coffee or sweets, push a button and a 1-, 3- or 5-minute story prints out.

The cafe’s Tacos & Hip Hop event, “an old school community party we do,” has been drawing more than 1,000 people, co-owner Sean Scott said. “It’s a simple concept, a time to meet and eat at 7, and people show up and it’s just a slow progression into a very electric evening.”

The next great thing: a regular event called the Alley Sessions, “a curated music experiment,” where Scott invites a dozen musicians from all over the county who’ve never played together, to jam, giving people a more raw musical experience.

“Everything I do, I try to do something different than the same old open mic or game night,” he said.

If Subculture has become ground zero for millennials in the city, it’s not the only venue to recognize and encourage downtown’s demographic evolution, as Boomers and Xers on the West Palm Beach scene give way to those born near the turn of the millennium, from roughly 1980 to 1995, as the generation is loosely defined.

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