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The Current: Places to Gill Out – Subculture Coffee

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When I arrived in West Palm Beach on a trip, I felt the need to explore the city to see what the trendiest spots were. I was told by the locals that Clematis Street was the place to be, located in downtown West Palm Beach. A friend of mine suggested that we meet up at the Subculture Coffee shop. I assumed it would be a free-spirited, modern hangout geared towards working millennials. I was not disappointed.

Larger and airier than the average Starbucks, Subculture Coffee was bustling with young urban professionals sitting at European-style café tables with their laptops and books. There is indoor and outdoor seating, where you can either sit in a comfortable corner with a book or lounge outside and people-watch. The coffee house features tables where patrons can play chess, as well as bookshelves stacked with literary classics. They have special events on a weekly basis that include “Hip Hop and Tacos” night.

The menu is artfully displayed on a chalkboard above the register. Their regular menu features the basic coffee house favorites such as lattes, espresso and Americano with options to add almond or soy milk if you’re lactose-intolerant. Some items that set Subculture apart from conventional coffee houses include unique drinks on their cold menu, with smoothie flavors such as Banana Chai, Noir Berry and Peach Cinnamon. If you’re in the mood from something to cool you off on a hot Florida day, they also have iced tea, fresh squeezed orange juice and lemonade.

If you’re hungry, they’ve got you covered. In addition to their fresh roasted coffee, Subculture offers an array of gourmet food items ranging from artisan grilled cheese sandwiches with apple butter to herb frittata paninis. If you would prefer lighter fare, they also have various salads ranging from a classic Caesar salad to an Asian noodles salad. The ingredients they use make them a truly one-of-kind establishment, examples being kimchee mayo, grape leaves and honeycomb. The menu tends to feature foods of Mediterranean and Asian origins, fusion being a strength of their recipes.


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