sub·cul·ture ˈsəbˌkəlCHər / noun a : cultural group within a larger culture, often having beliefs or interests at variance with those of the larger culture.

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As of today, you’ll see five familiar faces downtown that you’d totally Stan over if these legendary people were still with us. Street Art Revolution, with the help of Anthony Hernandez, curated five local artists to immortalize five music (and fashion) icons through street art.

Nevermind that Bulk Styles blessed us just a couple a months ago with ‘Letting Go,’ a mural collaboration with Mayling Pao. He’s back at it with a graffiti-style portrait of Kurt Cobain.

Anthony Hernandez provided the Positive Vibration on the block as he played Bob Marley tracks while spray painting what would soon be the reggae artist’s face.

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World, Mayling Pao, makes Prince lovers get all the feels again when they see the way she used purple and blue pigments to create his alluring eyes.

Paul Hughes reminds us that it’s been almost one year since the death of one of our Heroes, David Bowie.

An extremely realistic depiction of Beastie Boys late MCA  was painted by Eduardo Mendieta. You’ll have to check it out like, Right Right Now Now.

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