sub·cul·ture ˈsəbˌkəlCHər / noun a : cultural group within a larger culture, often having beliefs or interests at variance with those of the larger culture.

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Tryst – Rendezvous at this Atlantic Avenue gastropub with a five-course menu featuring Crispy Blue Point oyster with charred scallion aioli, and pickled chilies to start, before choosing from Caribbean braised beef and pumpkin soup or local organic greens. Third course includes oak-fired Sicilian eggplant parm, Hudson Valley foie gras, or diver scallop and Berkshire pork belly. Vegan ramen, cornmeal crusted, or grilled filet mignon with truffled mashed potatoes make up the options for the last savory segment of the meal. Finish up with orange creme brulee or triple chocolate cupcake. Reservations between 6 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. are $70 person. The cost goes up to $100 from 8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., which includes Champagne

DADA – Choose from seven apps, eight entrees, and five desserts in DaDa’s prix fixe menu. Executive chef/partner Bruce Feingold is preparing creative dishes like gnocchi and wild mushrooms, sous vide pork belly, and foie gras steamed clams to start. Mains include items like roasted half-duck with balsamic pomegranate reduction over toasted orzo, grilled pork porterhouse with red pepper jelly, harissa lamb chops with hibiscus and apricot aioli, as well as American red snapper and crab. Desserts range from passion fruit crème brulee and mini cheesecake with cherries jubileeflambe to sticky toffee pudding and chocolate ganache bread pudding. It costs $75, including complimentary Champagne at 12 a.m. and a live band onsite. The a la carte menu will not be available.


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