sub·cul·ture ˈsəbˌkəlCHər / noun a : cultural group within a larger culture, often having beliefs or interests at variance with those of the larger culture.

“Built in the historic 1924 building in Delray, the ambiance is certainly beautiful. Their lit-up trees create a romantic vibe while also making the restaurant homey. Dada takes normal dishes and puts a twist on them. Their Jalepeno-Agave glazed Salmon with Mexican Quinoa is a must have for seafood lovers. Meat lovers can enjoy a variety of items from Duck Breast, Pork Chops, Short ribs, and Burgers. Vegetarians may have a pick of various appetizer items along with the Mushroom Tikka Masala entree. All their menu items seem so fresh that it really emphasizes that homey feel.”

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